Ramsay Surgical Centre Cairns
Part of Ramsay Health Care

When you leave

Discharge home

Before you leave, you will be given written instructions on how to look after yourself at home.

A prescription will be provided for any medications required.

Please make arrangements for someone responsible to drive you home. You WILL NOT be able to drive yourself or travel alone on public transport including a taxi if you have been given a general anaesthetic or sedation.

An escort is VITAL for your safety, and you must have someone in continual attendance with you following your discharge and for 24 hours following surgery. Your operation will be cancelled if you do not have a suitable carer.

Your escort is welcome to wait in reception however they do not have to stay at the Day Surgery the whole time. They will be given an approximate time to return to collect you at the time of admission and we call them about half an hour before you are ready to go home.

During the first 24 hours after your anaesthetic, you must not drive a car, operate machinery, drink alcohol, conduct business or sign contracts.